Teen Kids News Show 1952

A BLOCK: Safe driving takes a clear head, a steady hand and good reactions. Unfortunately, you don’t have any of those if you’re driving impaired. That’s why the subject of this year’s SADD Driving Skills 101 PSA Contest, sponsored by the NRSF, is the dangerous of driving after using marijuana. In part 1 of our report, we meet the winner of the contest and see how she turns her winning idea into an actual PSA.

B BLOCK: In part two of our report on the Driving Skills 101 PSA Contest, we see the PSA make its debut at the annual SADD National Conference, which after a two-year hiatus, due to COVID, is back in person at a special place.

C BLOCK: In this report sponsored by News Media Group, lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch, gives us some insight on some technology that could make your new school year easier.

D BLOCK: In Word Wise, Veronique tells us how the word ESCAPE came to be.

When it comes to getting good grades, the difference isn’t always black and white. Dean explains in this week’s Study Tip.

And we have some more back to school shopping ideas from Amazon.

E BLOCK: Emily introduces us to another Rising Star, Neska Rose is a talent actor and musician.

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