Young Millennials

Programming for the young generation requires a special skill set. Teens have notoriously short attention spans. Younger kids can’t be expected to grasp concepts if the explanations aren’t age-appropriate.
“In my 21 years as a Program Director in educational television, I have rarely seen a series as educational, entertaining and accessible as Teen/Kids News.”

Lucy Griggs, Program Director, The Education Channel

Teen Kids News

Emmy Award Winning TV Show
Now in our 20th season, this groundbreaking program airs weekly on more than 150 TV stations nationwide; carried by education channels reaching 10,000 schools; and available to all US Military families around the world via the American Forces Network.
“Teen/Kids News is a fast-paced program in the 13-16 year old FCC Children’s Programming category composed of shorter segments that “fit” the visual learning style of today’s students…”

National Governor’s Association & the Council of Chief State Officers

“Brilliance. Absolute brilliance. A televised version of a school newspaper. What great TV.”

Dave Ornauer, Stars & Stripes

National Road Safety Foundation

Driving Skills Videos
Generation tXt
Stay in the Picture
Road Buzz News: Impaired Driving
Road Buzz News: The Right Way to Turn Left
“The most recent videos you developed for us – “Generation tXt” and “Stay in the Picture” dealing respectively with distracted driving and driver safety issues during prom season – have been very well received by educators and driver ed teachers, police and youth advocacy groups like SADD. Your grasp of the issues and your ability to make them come alive in a compelling way to our teen audience has been an essential part of the Foundations work over the past few years.”

David Reich, National Road Safety Foundation

Public Service Announcements
Arguing Can Wait Best Friends Don’t Let Friends Text
Distractions Can Be Deadly Don’t Be Just Another Number
Drowsy Driving Go Your Own Pace
How Would You Feel? Not My Fault
It’s Not Just Teens Just Because You Can
Just Look Up Letter From Heaven
One in Four Crashes Only Bullies Tailgate
Don’t Order Death Safety Signs
Share the Road Shut It Down
Texting Can Wait Weather the Weather
Would You Ever? Too Tired To Drive
“WOW, and OUTSTANDING, and UNBELIEVABLE, these are only a few words that describe the reactions of the PSAs. The reactions have been crazy awesome. We can’t thank all of you enough. This experience has been great… you guys have definitely been an inspiration to everyone here.”

Greg Simms, History Teacher, Washington Township High School

Interactive Streaming Newsfeed
Cutting edge daily news internet program specifically tailored to college students.

State of the Union: Undressed

“Unprecedented live TV!”


“Brilliant stuff!”


Siemens Science Day Music Video

“Please pass on to your entire team our compliments for an excellent Siemens Science Day video. We’ve received nothing but positive feedback from those who have watched it.”

Michael McCauley, Siemens


Siemens Science Day

Our Telly Award winning music video. Support for Siemens engineers talking to students.

Siemens Competition in Math Science & Technology

We worked around the clock, covering the three day competition finals, delivering highlight videos to play at various events along the way. Including live streaming of the competition.
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