Teen Kids News Show 1953

A BLOCK: It’s a skill that was virtually unknown when our parents were kids. It’s a skill that’s in great demand today…and will be in even greater demand in coming years. You can learn it in class…in a club … from a book…or online. And yet so many of us are afraid to try. In part one of our top story, Ava’s tells us about coding – learning to write programs for computers.

B BLOCK: In part two of ours story Ava introduces us to a girl who is trying to change the fact that coding is dominated by boys.

C BLOCK: In this week’s “What’s in a Name?” Veronique explains the connection between “playing well” and the name Legos.

Reese gives us some tips on things that we shouldn’t be putting into our recycling bins.

It’s simple, seatbelts save lives. The National Road Safety Foundation wants to make sure you remember that every time you get into a car.

D BLOCK: Emily introduces us to Rising Star: Elle Townley.

E BLOCK: In this report sponsored by OurAutoExpert.com, we go to Pebble Beach, CA to a car show that takes us way back with some classics and way into the future with some really cool cars that George Jetson would be jealous of and we get a sneak peek.

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