Teen Kids News: Season 18, Episode 1

Teen Kids News Season 18… HERE WE GO!

After being forced to close because of the coronavirus, colleges are trying to get back to normal. So, whether getting ready to go to college in the coming months – or even in the coming years – Benjamin reports on something we need to keep in mind.

There’s a lot of things that we learn from our grandparents. However, for most of us learning to play guitar probably isn’t one of them. But as Emily reports, that’s exactly how this week’s Rising Star, Justin McCormick got his start in music.

In this week’s “Word Wise” Veronique explores how the word Bayonet became part of the English language.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t get enough sleep. And while dozing off in class may get you detention, if you get behind the wheel when you’re too tired the consequences can be MUCH worse. That’s why we’ve got this video from the National Road Safety Foundation.

Clothes. We wear them for a lot of reasons. But one of the biggest reasons is: protection. For example, they protect us from the cold… as well as from too much sun…not to mention snow and rain. But as Ayla reports, some of our clothes may actually be doing us harm.

You’ve probably heard of putting pineapple on pizza, along with ham it’s known as Hawaiian Pizza. For this week’s recipe, Cody shows us how to make a pizza that’s entirely out of fruit, and a little yogurt.

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