Teen Kids News: Season 15, Episode 1

The first episode of Season 15 of Teen Kids News!

This week’s top story focuses on the importance of choosing a college that’s the right fit. Amelia talks with Rob Franek of The Princeton Review, who provides insight on some of the mistakes teens might make when choosing a college…and how to avoid them.

In our “HooplaHa Pick of the Week” Daniella tells us about a teen’s initiative to make a difference, by creating “Lucky Tails Animal Rescue,” a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless dogs. In this week’s Flag Facts, Eric tells us about Utah’s state flag.

In this week’s “Art Smart!”, Katie tells us about an artist who helped win a war. Our driving tip, sponsored by the National Road Safety Foundation, reminds us of the dangers of being distracted while walking.

Then Eden gets some tips on babysitting from Dr. Connie Herbert, author of “The Teachable Minute”.

And finally, dance is often called “Poetry in Motion.” It takes grace, timing and hard work… lots of hard work. But as EMILY reports, joining a competitive dance team can be a life-defining experience.

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